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Custom inventory/distribution management system

Smart Kitchen Co.

Smart Kitchen Co. is a revolutionary online food and general goods manufacturing and distribution company. Given their large distribution and logistics networks Bermont proposed a custom inventory/distribution management system to enhance their on going operation. This will allow for:

Matching supply with demand
Accurate reporting for strategic decision making
Reduced human prone errors
Minimize leakage and obsolete stock
Effortless addition of products and product information, restaurantsand distribution centers.


Bermont’s team began with the design and layout of the application focusing on establishing an easy-to-use interface, simplifying the complex nature of the software for all staff to use.

This was achieved through:

Custom User Interface Design
Design research & discovery
Design for mobile and Desktop web pages
Individual Page layouts
Creation of custom dashboard
Login/Registration Page design
Custom Reports page design
Administration page design


Our development team approached the development process with the objective to set up a system that helps to accurately monitor and manage the businesses inventory whilst saving costs and maximizing the businesses margin.

The development process included:

Setup and implementation of custom inventory management system
Custom content management system development
User management service
Location management service
Distribution center management
Reporting management service
Stock management service
Creating progressive web application as the frontend
User login, dashboard, account pages.
Custom user roles & permissions
Database architecture and design
Server architecture and design
Continuous integration & Continuous Delivery setup
Security & User testing
Version Control setup
Scalable software architecture design
Ability to create reusable inventory items in a library of items
Custom dashboard with filtering systems, to get an overview of the status of the inventory levels at multiple locations
Mobile-first Responsive Code, ensuring the website is displayed properly on all devices.
Hosting & Domain setup/transfer


In addition to the software design and development, Bermont offered an optimization service to increase organic traffic, establish correct SEO practices and improve website efficiency. This was achieved through the following:

Optimization of all content to be Web Ready
Complete Search Engine Optimization for the website and content
Laying out page structure for SEO best practices
Ensuring fast page speed loading time, according to google standards
Caching of website & Content Distribution Network
Automation of provisioning resources

The Outcome

Bermont’s aim was to develop a system that will help with the day to day management of the business. To reduce the complexity involved in managing stock and inventory across multiple locations with multiple distribution centers. A system tailored to the needs of Smart Kitchen Co. and be built in a way where their teams can add to the inventory management and further scale the business.Speak to our developers about your own ideas

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