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Streamlined Web Dev Process

Let us lighten the load, we let the software do the heavy lifting. Our development team constructs scalable software able to adapt to increased load and demand preventing resource waste and increasing operational efficiency.

We work closely with our clients and consult with them every step of the way. Once the initial consultation has been completed our development team begins a thorough analysis of what is required from the brief and how best to integrate our software to your system. Secondary consultation, will deliver our high level proposal, final quotation and detailed development roadmap. Once both parties are satisfied we begin the process of development. Once our software/application has reached maturity we will conduct strenuous internal testing and assessments to ensure it is fully optimized and ready for deployment. Our final consultation allows us to showcase the final build and deploy it live, while our technicians continue to monitor and track its performance in real time.

What we offer

Automated inventory management systems
Database architecture and design
Web applications
Website development
Real-time analytics and customer reporting
Scalable software
Custom software integration

Our process

Initial consultation, introductory and brief
Research and analysis of customer/user requirements
Scoping document acceptance
High level proposal and quote
High level proposal and quote
Internal testing and assessment
Customer review and feedback
Final amendments and testing
Deployment of software and real-time tracking

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