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Revolutionizing business through Blockchain technology

Fintech or financial technologies allows us to access the full potential of Blockchain technologies. Fintech applications enable us to conduct secure, fast and immutable transactions with little to no third party involvement.

The world of Blockchain technologies offer unparalleled opportunities for companies looking at increasing margins and streamlining transactional services through its decentralized distribution network.

What we offer


Bermont’s development team engineers custom fintech applications and smart contracts to enable our clients to securely and easily interact with the Blockchain. Bermont’s services cater for application integration, into already established systems as well as custom built fintech and web 3.0 enabled websites to fit your specifications.

Smart contract development – Smart contracts remove the need for human intervention (it is only code), they allow for lightning quick, trust free and safe, distribution of information between parties without the need of an intermediary.
WEB3.0 enabled websites – websites enabled to interact with the Blockchain’s distribution and logistics infrastructure
Fintech application development


Our Blockchain consultants offer a plethora of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the Blockchain universe. Bermont’s consultants specialize in integrating financial operations with Blockchain technologies and fintech. Our team will work hand in hand with you, advising on the best practices and principles to follow when navigating this new frontier.

DeFi – Decentralized Finance allows greater financial freedom without third party involvement. It gives you fast and secure real time access to your funds, enabling you to make transactions without third party approval or interference.
DEX (Decentralized exchange)
Establishing peer-to-peer transaction gateways
How to review transactional ledgers and records within Blockchain

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