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Bermont Digital is a leading South African web development agency specializing in custom web application development, eCommerce, SEO and Blockchain solutions.

Bermont wants to tell a story, a different story, one which stands out amongst the rest. To be a world leader in custom software products and eCommerce solutions resulting in a better, faster and stronger technological world. We are constantly innovating and adapting to stay ahead of the competition, to provide the most innovative, unique and creative products and services around the globe.

Through our core values; empowerment, integrity, accountability, and inclusivity we truly believe we stand out from our competition.

Let’s develop.

Luke Seeber

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Luke started Bermont Digital in late 2016 while working full-time as an IT support technician at an auditing firm in Cape Town. Luke started the company to build meaningful and valuable web applications & services for businesses across the globe with a focus on the end user and customers who use the applications.

Luke is a self-taught software developer with over eight years of experience working in the Information Technology Sector. Luke has an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to start his own business. Over time, he has expanded the team to include a core high-performance team that can develop custom large-scale distributed applications—placing people in critical areas that allow the company to operate efficiently.

Luke places value on understanding the customer and their needs and communicating to ensure that the information relayed is correct. Using his experience and knowledge, he works with the Bermont team to solve customer needs and automate processes to streamline operations. Luke spends most of his time in the office designing and developing software architecture, systems architecture, and database architecture. Including guiding and directing the core development teams and providing support where need be.

In Luke's free time, you can find him reading, planning, writing, and going on coffee dates with close friends and family. He is also often working on software ideas and products coming to Bermont Digital soon. Luke has a passion for business, people, and technology, and he is also passionate about music, initially receiving a diploma in music production and sound engineering from Cape Audio College.

Charles Hlongwane

Intermediate Full-Stack Developer

Charles studied for a degree in Computer systems at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. During his required work experience as part of his qualification, he completed an internship with Bermont Digital in 2019. Once Charles completed his internship and education, he was offered a full-time position at Bermont Digital as a Junior Full-Stack Developer.

Luke mentored Charles, and he grew quickly as a developer specializing in creating back-end services for custom web applications. His experience with PHP, MySQL, and Laravel helped him excel in his full-time role, and he earned a promotion to Intermediate Full-Stack developer (Software Engineer). In his role, Charles is responsible for setting up new server instances and creating databases based on high-level database architectures. In addition, Charles thrives in creating back-end services that can scale, optimizing database queries, and making independent back-end services for the custom applications we develop.

Charles helped build Bermont's most extensive and most complex applications, including and not limited to creating a custom inventory management and distribution platform, ingesting large datasets in real-time, and storing the data in a meaningful way. Creating custom dashboarding and analytics platforms tailored to our customer's needs. Charles has also built custom integrations between web applications and 3rd party API services.

Charles spends his spare time building software projects and ideas and watching the premier league, where he supports Manchester City.

Glen Rauwerdink

Lead developer eCommerce

Glen joined Bermont Digital in late 2019 as an intern and was offered a full-time opportunity as a junior developer. He quickly honed his development skills and started taking responsibility for the eCommerce builds in Bermont Digital, assisted by fellow junior developers and with the guidance of Luke & Charles for the more technical integration requirements.

He is now responsible for the eCommerce department in Bermont Digital and enjoys furthering his development skills and understanding customer requirements. In addition, he is highly proficient in front-end development and often is involved in custom web application builds when he has the capacity. With his ability to quickly grasp advanced concepts and complex requirements, he can easily find solutions that add value to our customer's businesses.

Outside work, Glen enjoys gaming, the gym, running and bowling Luke out on the cricket pitch.

Pascal Domingo

SEO & PPC ads specialist

Pascal joined the Bermont Digital team in early 2021, where he has been invaluable in adding Search Engine Optimization services, focusing on strategy, content, and technical requirements for SEO.

Pascal's daily responsibilities involve Managing PPC Campaigns, ensuring that customers get maximum return on ad spend. Monitoring and optimizing ads to ensure maximum return on investment. Running audits on client sites to gain valuable insights into customer website performance and improvement opportunities. Looking for new opportunities for Bermont customers to improve their online performance and customer experience.

Pascal has thrived in his role and is an excellent fit with the team; he adds invaluable services and insights to our core development team. In doing so, Pascal helps our customers to make informed decisions regarding their websites and web applications.

Outside work, Pascal enjoys spending time on the golf course and going to the gym.