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Covac Global

COVAC GLOBAL is the first fully indemnified membership program that will pay off the cost of evacuation and repatriation should the member be diagnosed with COVID-19 while traveling outside of their home country. Their services range from medical evacuation to security intelligence.

COVAC GLOBAL approached Bermont in need of a new custom ecommerce website that could function as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract new clients, increase sales through an innovative and easy to use platform and position itself as a thought leader in the industry.

Bermont’s solution

We propose the following, a WordPress website with WooCommerce integration , which will allow COVAC GLOBAL the luxury of scale and the ability to grow in product offerings, as well as agent partners in a way that does not slow the platform down and keep it responsive and fast. Customizable features were incorporated to allow for a much broader choice of features than the existing website.

The website features included:

Scalable and future proof website
Customizable features
More accurate reporting and sales tracking
Maximum customer reach through new payment portal
Custom checkout process with validation controls
Automation of redundant manual processes


The next step in the development journey was establishing the websites look and feel, aligning it with COVAC’s brand Identity. It was paramount that we construct the website to not only reflect the high standards of COVAC’s services but make it as user friendly and easy-to-use as possible.

The process included:

Design research & discovery
Template with custom design
Design for mobile and Desktop web pages
Login/Registration Page
Agent Page layout
Custom Reports page


With the overarching theme and website design established, our developers were able to get down to the heavy lifting and start developing the websites infrastructure and functionality.

Setup and implementation of content management system
Customization of base theme
Customization of base layouts
Setting up customized payment gateway and WooCommerce system
Incorporating Stripe and PayPal
Custom Checkout process
Setting up different pricing based on user type/package type
Ability to add new product offerings easily in the future
User login, dashboard, account and cart pages.
Mobile first Responsive Code, website is displayed properly on all devices
Hosting Domain setup/transfer
Security & User testing
Scalable software architecture design


The last step was to optimize the website to allow for a broader reach in search of potential customers, better web performance and higher rankings in Google search results.

Optimization of all content to be Web Ready
Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the website and content
Laying out page structure for SEO best practices
Ensuring fast page speed loading time, according to google standards
Caching of website & Content Distribution Network
Google Analytics Integration
Google Search console Integration

The Outcome

Bermont was able to successfully launch COVACs ecommerce website aiding them in attracting new customers and increasing sales and revenue. Bermont still monitors and maintains COVACs backend and SEO campaigns.

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