Custom ecommerce website and design

D-Core Art & Soul Design

D-Core Art & Soul Design is an international art retailer, featuring both South African and international luxury art and lifestyle accessories. Bermont was contracted to build a custom ecommerce website to replace D-Core’s current and outdated model. The focus of the project was to develop an optimized ecommerce store to drive sales and broaden their customer reach in addition to refreshing D-Core’s digital look and feel, encapsulating the essence of their brand and inline with their product offering.


The first step, in the development process, was to establish the design theme and layout for the new website. The main aim and objective of this phase focused on creating an elegant and sophisticated web design to feature D-Cores products while keeping the website interface simple and easy-to-use.

Key elements of this phase consisted of:

Custom theme and templates
Website layout and design
Custom landing page for featured products
UI/UX for easy-to-use interface and display

Development of ecommerce store

With the overall esthetic and design layout in place the development team were able to start building the behind the scenes architecture of the website. The key takeaway of the development phase was to create a custom categorization feature allowing users to search for specific and related art and design pieces.

Custom categorization feature
Setup and implementation of content management syste
Custom payment gateway
Custom checkout system
Easy-to-use interface with WooCommerce plugin integration
Mobile first Responsive Code, website is displayed properly on all devices
Hosting Domain setup/transfer
Security & User testing
Scalable software architecture design
User login, dashboard, account and cart pages.
Ability to add new product offerings easily in the future


With the final build operational and internal testing completed the last step before deploying the website was to optimize the infrastructure and layout, increasing website speed, organic traffic and achieve higher Google rankings.

Optimization of all content to be Web Ready
Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the website and content
Laying out page structure for SEO best practices
Ensuring fast page speed loading time, according to google standards
Caching of website & Content Distribution Network
Google Analytics Integration
Google Search console Integration

The Outcome

Bermont was able to deliver D-Core Art & Soul Design a fresh and vibrant new ecommerce store with a scalable website build allowing the D-Core team to continue to expand its reach and broaden its brand exposure to new customers.

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