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Harlow & Summer

Harlow & Summer is an exciting fashion label based in South Africa that provides elegant and sophisticated garments for women. With the global rise of technology and social media, Harlow needed a functioning website to align with the goals of the business and the proposed target audience, ultimately increasing the company’s reach and boost sales. Harlow approached Bermont to design a website that functions as a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract clients, generate sales, and position itself as a leader in the fashion industry. Working together we established a roadmap of development and business requirements for Harlow’s new ecommerce store that would successfully launch their new digital endeavor.

Business needs

Bermont worked hand in hand with the team over at Harlow & Summer to establish how best to engineer the site to both increase efficiency and ensure its sustainability moving into the future.

Bermont established the following operational requirements:

A website that allows for the listing of specified products with multiple variations (eg, size, colours etc);
A sleek, elegant and professional cosmetically pleasing User Interface to market the company and products;
E-commerce functionality to ensure sales can be generated;
Scalable website to ensure Harlow can grow its reach and product offerings seamlessly
Also required is a content management system that will allow Harlow to easily manage content on the site and reduce administration costs.


In order to market these beautiful products, the design of the store had to match the look and feel of the brand. Before Bermont could move forward with the necessary development phase we had to formulate a design plan for the site to match that of the brand identity.

Design research & discovery using the Iconic template
Design for mobile and Desktop web pages
Typography styling for the web pages


With all the foundations in place our development team could begin constructing the site. Our Shopify and WordPress developers molded the site around Harlow’s brand identity, creating custom ecommerce templates and themes encapsulating the essence that is Harlow & Summer.

Setup and implementation of content management system through Shopify
Database architecture and design
Page creation through Iconic template pages to be created:
Custom Collections
Security & User testing
Version Control setup
Scalable software architecture design
Mobile-first Responsive Code, ensuring the website is displayed properly on all devices.
Payment gateway setup and testing
Hosting & Domain setup/transfer


With the necessary structural and design elements in place and the site ready to go, the last item on the list was to optimize the site structure and web performance through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation. The optimization phase allowed Harlow & Summer to reach a broader target market in addition to improving the performance of the site ensuring the best user experience for their customers. The process consisted of:

Optimization of all content to be Web Ready
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the website and content up to 100 products
Laying out page structure for SEO best practices
Ensuring fast page speed loading time, according to google standards
Caching of website & Content Distribution Network
Automation of provisioning resources

Final thoughts

The website was tailored to Harlow’s needs and was built so that future changes are simpler and faster to implement, reducing inconveniences and downtime. We are proud to have worked with such an amazing team and helping the Harlow & Summer brand broaden its reach and continue to grow and achieve success.

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