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Impact Water Solutions

Impact Water Solutions (IWS) develops, finances, builds and operates decentralized water infrastructure, maximizing the potential of solar energy, respecting the environment and providing cost competitive solutions. The IWS team approached Bermont to expand their existing Laravel application that required refinement and new features added to be used as a successful marketing tool and value add to its various stakeholders.

Bermont’s solution

Bermont proposed the following, making use of the existing Laravel application instead of recreating a new app and wasting valuable time and resources. The objective of the system is to collect data from IWS Projects and provide monitoring and data representation in a way that it is easy to read, manipulate and make informed decisions. Using what was available and modifying it to meet IWS needs through a more agile approach to development. This will also allow more iterations and a much more dynamic development process whereby changes can be made on the fly.

The modifications will allow for:

A modular build ensuring future expansions and upgrades are capable
Real time data and analytics
Intuitive, simple and dynamic interface
Performant and responsive system

Front-end development

In order to successfully map out out development plan, our team began with the front end design and build of the dashboard. This allowed us to establish the look and feel and structure the layout of the dashboard.

This included:

Access control & permissions
Map integration
Interactive map scroll
Project sites and asset display
Project description and detail card
Team management
UI/UX overhaul

Back-END Development

Once the front end development, research and analysis phase was completed our team of developers began the process of software development and testing the dashboard.

Customization and optimization of existing of Management System
Customization of dashboard
Setting of database models
Implementation of custom dashboard routes
API scheduling system
API access control and integration and extension of Polar Monitoring API integration
Custom search functionality in dashboard
Filter function for returned results
Site specific information, email and contact details on Card Display actionable
Interactive map scroll
User login, dashboard, account creation and CRUD functionality
Hosting Domain setup/transfer
Security & user testing
Scalable software architecture design
Continuous Deployment Pipeline implementation

The Outcome

Working together with IWS, Bermont was able to create an application that allowed IWS’s team operate and monitor their ongoing operations effectively and efficiently. The ability for stakeholders to see real-time updates and data pulled from the relevant IWS assets. An interface that is user friendly and easy to navigate, that is stable and able to grow with future enhancements to the project.


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