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Partshub approached Bermont in need of a brand new innovative ecommerce website, an overhaul of design and functionality of their domestic product division. Partshub is the leading distributor of spare parts for coffee machines, barista tools and general domestic appliances. Our ecommerce developers were faced with the task of developing Partshub domestic’s first ecommerce website.

The site was to be designed and engineered to be a performant, easy-to-use and easy-to-manage store coupled with advanced custom search and filter functionality to efficiently navigate through their large collection of product offerings.

Bermont’s solution

Our goal for the project was to setup a website and online presence that helps with marketing and selling of their services and products and allow the website to easily scale. Creating a platform that has continuity in the branding of Partshub domestic, where you can direct potential and existing customers to their new website. The website was to be built to scale well into the future allowing the team at Partshub to expand their inventory and database without repercussions to their web build.

Custom front-end

The first step for our developers was designing custom templates and themes for each of the various store pages, this included:

Design for mobile and desktop web pages
Typography styling for the web page
Individual Page layouts
User account pages
Shop layout pages
Product layout page
Checkout Payment pages

This gave us the the foundation in which to start our development cycle and get down to the nuts and bolts of the sites infrastructure.

Ecommerce development

Once the framework was established our developers started the development process allowing for the sites functionality and scalability. The development process consisted of the following:

Setup and implementation of content management system
Customization of base theme
Creation of base layouts
Custom homepage sections
Setting up payment gateway and WooCommerce integration
User login, dashboard, account and cart pages.
Mobile-first Responsive Code, ensuring the website is displayed properly on all devices.
Hosting & Domain setup/transfe
Custom email account setup

With these elements in place we then addressed the issue for customers who are searching for specified items based on brand, classification, model or unit. Our development team engineered a specialized three tier filter to allow for customers to quickly find the correct spare part for specific model and brand as well as an advanced search function to find the right part. This custom built feature allows Partshub to fully utilize the scalable website design and scale well over its current inventory of products without concern for poor user experience or items being lost in the pil

Ecommerce optimization

With the framework and the operational architecture in place the last step was to optimize content and begin populating the site with fresh content and design elements.

Optimizing content provided for the website
Setting up custom landing page to promote content and services
Homepage content layout
Service Page layout and content
Address information
Product gallery (360 photo)

The Outcome

We continue to monitor and assist Partshub with their ecommerce store, helping them grow revenue and sales. Partshub has requested Bermont’s services for a new and exciting project title Sonner which is still under development and is almost ready to be revealed.Start your own ecommerce project


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